6:45 AM - Wake Up

7:00 AM - Breakfast at Dorms

8:00 AM - Activation at the rink

9:00 AM - Team Systems Practice

11:00 AM - Lunch

12:30 pm - On-ice Skills Session

2:00 pm - Dryland/Strength workout with Coach Chris

3:15 pm - Chalk-talk/Game Film Review

4:30 pm - Dinner at Dorms

5:00 pm - Study/Part-time Job

10:00 pm - Curfew

10:30 pm - Lights out

Our organization prides itself on providing players the structure and coaching required to develop them into next-level hockey players. All of our teams practice on-ice twice a day, far more than our competition. After working on team systems and individual skills, our players work out with our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chris Cordaro. We finish our day in the "classroom", reviewing game film and holding team meetings to improve our player's hockey IQ. By the end of the day, our players have an opportunity to work on schoolwork or get a part-time job. There is very little downtime being a Knight!